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OCOM Alumni Benefits

Graduates of OCOM’s master’s and doctoral programs receive:

Class Enrollment/Audit Privileges

  • Audit privileges for a previously completed course (at no charge; as space is available)
  • DAOM graduates may attend doctoral modules to count towards annual CE credits (at no charge; as space is available)

Continuing Education

OCOM Library 

  • Free library card and continued access to all OCOM Library books, DVDs, CDs, video and audio tapes.
  • Continued access to all OCOM Library subscription databases and journals while on campus
  • Email delivery of journal articles (up to six articles per month) via the Document Delivery for Alumni (DDA) service.

Herbal Medicinary Products

  • Discounts on products from the OCOM Herbal Medicinary, including 10% off all bulk, granular formulas and patent medicines.
  • Online ordering access from the OCOM Herbal Medicinary to your practice or your patient. Simply call the medicinary to set up your account. 

Alumni Online Communications

  • Exclusive access to OCOM Alumni website
  • Subscriptions to alumni bulletins and newsletters
  • Ability to join OCOM Alumni Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • Professional Opportunities listings - post and browse
  • Ability to post your practice information
  • Fellow Alumni search

Financial Aid Counseling

  • Free consultations with the Director of Financial Aid related to finding the most beneficial loan repayment strategy for your student loan debt. Contact Financial Aid at (503) 253-3443 x108

View the many enhanced benefits you receive when you become a member of the OCOM Alumni Association.

OCOM Graduates! We welcome your comments, questions and ideas on how we can better support you and celebrate your achievements. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..