How to Use the OCOM Alumni Website

What should I do first on the new site? 
Register! Once you’re in, list your practice so patients can find you.

Why should I register? 
For access to exclusive content available only to verified OCOM Alumni and students! Jobs, rental opportunities, practice resources, news and more.

How do I register? 
On the righthand side of the Home page you’ll find “Create an Account.” Enter your information and you'll be sent an email to verify you're you. (Tip: use your email as your username.)

Why are there two steps to register?! Why doesn't it happen automatically? 
For your security — When you click the link in your email, OCOM can verify that you are an alum or a student. (This site is for OCOM community only!) You’ll then be sent a second email letting you know you’re approved and you’re ready to go!

Why should I add my practice details? 
Prospective patients and alumni often call OCOM asking for references for practitioners in their area who were trained at the top school in the nation. Because of FERPA privacy laws, we cannot tell them who you are or where you practice without your permission. Don’t miss out on these free and easy referrals!

The Alumni Practitioner Search also works well on mobile devices, so if your patient asks for a reference in a certain part of the country, you can easily send them to a fellow alum.

How do I add/change my practice details so patients can find me? 
Once you’re registered and logged into the site, go to “Connect” in the menu, then “Edit Profile.”

Why should I join the OCOM Alumni Association? 
First, the benefits to you more than pay for the cost of membership! Secondly, the more people join, the more benefits the OCOM Alumni Association can offer. Think: more free CE, professional development support, grants for alumni, scholarships, support for political advocacy, scope of practice, legal initiatives, and state organization collaboration.

How do I post to the Opportunities board? 
On the Home page navigation bar, find “Opportunities” link and choose “Post.” The ability to post is not limited to registered users, so let your office managers and professional connections know that if they want to reach the best practitioners in the country, they should visit

How do I use the Opportunities board? 
Only OCOM alumni and students who are registered to can view these professional opportunities. Once you’re logged in, you can sort the opportunities by topic: employment opportunities, space lease/rent, practice for sale, workshop, etc.

Alumni mentors?
As you fill out your practitioner profile, you'll notice an option to check Yes or No for those interested in serving as an alumni mentor. We will develop a mentor resource center that will help connect alum to alum mentorship opportunities.

Do you have ideas for how OCOM can support you in your business with additional website features? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..