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Healing Touch Acupuncture
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  • Acupuncture
Chronic Pain TBI
Chronic Disease, Treat with Microcurrent, Sports Medicine Neuro-Muscular Junction needling via Callison,
Handheld Dolphin Microcurrent treatments via Malkin Finkelstein, emotional release
As a healer, I believe the best medicine to lead your body to physical and emotional health uses both alternative and Western medical understanding. My goal is to find the top techniques and evidenced-based tools of both Chinese and Western medicine to assist you to optimum health. I am passionate about providing my patients the best of what Chinese medicine has to offer time-tested, natural treatments that are designed to stimulate your body to heal itself. I have been caring for patients with Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the same location in SW Portland for 15 years. My practice is varied, with men, women, and teens coming to heal all types of ailments. If I do have a specialty, it is in the treatment of pain and the wide range of often intolerable physical and stress-related complaints people experience in this fast-paced world. During your treatment, I take the time to listen to all of your body, mind, and emotions to really hear what is ailing you. I will read your pulses throughout treatment to assess your vital life force (your qi). This force may be stuck or moving too fast or slow. If so, your body does not receive proper nourishment and the outcome is pain and discomfort. My pulse reading allows me to tailor your treatment to your unique needs to create effective, focused pain relief.

Professionally, I am licensed by the State of Oregon both as an Acupuncturist (LAc) through the Board of Medical Examiners and as a Professional Counselor (LPC), and hold Master's Degrees in each of these disciplines, one of only two professionals in Oregon with these dual degrees.