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Cascade Acupuncture & Massage
19201 SE Division Street
United States
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  • Acupuncture
  • LMT
Soft tissue work
pain and injuries
massage & acupuncture combined,
MPT neurostim tx.
Tuning fork tx.
With 25 years soft tissue massage work, 20+ years with acupuncture, and my foundational source in 35 years practicing tai chi, my abiding passion is for all things relating to the body in terms of soft tissue and structure, and the energy that makes life and movement possible. I believe it is always possible to improve one's health, to diminish pain and discomfort, and to create more light and ease of movement in one's daily life activities. I work with my felt sense above all, listening to the patient, and what I feel with my body and hands, and provide treatment with body work, often combined with acupuncture and other physical modalities such as non-needle micro current and tuning fork treatments.

I work four days a week with two evenings available. I bill for all Motor Vehicle Accidents, and select private insurance companies.

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