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Rose City Acupuncture, LLC
12655 SW Center Street, Ste 530
United States
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  • Acupuncture
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Muscle & joint issues (back, neck, knee, feet, etc.), unexplained pain, fertility, digestion, stress, sleep, trauma / PTSD, etc.
I first learned functional anatomy and biomechanics as a personal trainer and noncompetitive body builder. My background in fitness - and my own experience with severe injury and recovery - gives me an advanced understanding of chronic pain and muscular & joint problems. I attended both chiropractic school and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, where I earned a Master's degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (2004). The curriculum there included Tuina (deep tissue massage), although I mostly use Osteopathic Medical Massage techniques, including myofascial release, because I find they are less painful and more powerful.

In 2001, a car accident left me crippled and housebound. I went from being a rock-climbing martial artist to being trapped on my couch, nearly suicidal from the constant pain. Once I discovered acupuncture and osteopathy my body was finally able to heal itself. That experience and the complete recovery that followed gave me a greater understanding of the emotional and physical effects of chronic pain, allowing me to more thoroughly relate to my patients. I can truly say that I've been there, and I know how to help you come back to being yourself.

My personal interests include history, science, SCA, LARP, fiber arts, photography, movies, and travel.