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Blue Fire Healing Arts
344 Cleveland Ave Ste D
United States
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  • Acupuncture
  • Shiatsu
Japanese meridian therapy, hospice care, shiatsu
I’m an acupuncturist based in Olympia WA, offering individualized health support with acupuncture and Eastern medicine.
After working in healthcare for many years as a massage therapist I completed the Masters program at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2016, with a focus in Japanese acupuncture and orthopedic approaches to pain. I trained in Japanese acupuncture with Takahiro Funamizu and Tracy Thorne.
My treatment styles range in intensity depending on the needs of the patient. In a given treatment I may use very gentle or non-inserting needles, essential oils, shiatsu, cupping, gua sha, trigger point acupuncture, or Chinese herbal prescriptions.
In addition to clinical practice I teach continuing education workshops, blog about Chinese medicine, and write for acupuncture trade publications. I also provide acupuncture and advocacy for hospice care, a type of work that is close to my heart.